Our mission

The incessant experimentation, the continuing search, the development of new products and methodologies, are our strengths to ensure and guarantee a steady supply of solutions that aim at a good and lasting psychophysical wellness of our consumers.

Research and development

Our laboratories are designed and certified for the production of foods and dietary supplements, phytochemicals, cosmetics, products for veterinary and medical devices in capsules, bottles, one- and two-phase vials, tablets and sachets. Innovation is the basis of our production in order to always offer cutting-edge solutions. The production is highly technological: the production lines include machines with automatically controlled one- and two-phase dosing. The development of new products takes place under the direction and control of highly qualified scientists and specialists, able to create formulations completely aligned to the needs of the market and of its users. The production lines are supplemented by a system for filtering air and dust that, according to the laws in force, through the use of class A filters and vertical separators, avoids any possibility of contamination during the processing phases. A group of qualified professionals controls and coordinates the production cycle, in order to meet in the best way the needs of consumers. The Class A scientific team and the vertical separators avoid any possibility of contamination during the phases of consumer needs. The Research and Development highly competent and specialized scientific team deals with studying new formulations, optimizing the existing ones and improving production processes. Thanks to the collaboration between the laboratories of the quality control and the team dedicated to quality assurance, validations of production and control procedures, as well as stability tests are also carried out. The Research and Development laboratory is also working with research institutes to complete internally initiated studies, with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of dietary supplements. Our laboratories observe the HACCP system that prevents the dangers of food contamination and that is based on the systematic control of the spots of the food processing, where there is a danger of contamination of biological, chemical and physical nature. Also, they adopt GMP regulations (“Good Manufacturing Practices”), constituted by a set of rules that describe the methods, equipment, means and management of the production to ensure the appropriate quality standards. A serious management of the production process has allowed us to obtain the quality management system certification ISO9001:2008.

Because Nutraceutics is wellness

The first strategy for an efficient wellness resides in a balanced diet. However, there are trace elements the lack of which can lead to the development of patho-physiological conditions that disrupt our psychophysical wellness. In these cases, the body can benefit from the introduction in the diet of specific food supplements.
Only then, our diet is complete and functional for the particular moment that the our body is facing (stress, job, seasonal changes, therapies, travel, intolerances). Winter line is a line of integrative phyto-nutrition, designed precisely to support the daily supply and intervening where excesses or deficiencies are not ensuring the maintenance of wellness in the whole organism.

senza colorantisenza conservantisenza aromi artificialisenza glutinesenza OGMsenza lattosiosenza allergeniadatto ai veganilogo ISO 9001

Our products

Contain no dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors, GMOs, gluten, lactose and allergens.
They are of plant origin and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
They are produced in laboratory.
The extracts are natural and titrated.
The concentration of active ingredient is guaranteed by analysis.